The Guilford Emergency Alert, Notification, and Information System “G.E.A.N.I.” is an automated system to notify you of urgent and emergency information through your cell phone, home phone and/or email. The system provides time sensitive, geographically based public safety messages through voice, text, and e-mail, and is available to all residents and businesses within Guilford County (including City of High Point residents in Forsyth, Davidson, and Randolph Counties). 

The system is activated by public safety personnel to provide you with information about evacuations, shelter-in-place incidents, severe weather response and recovery efforts, law enforcement events, and other urgent incidents that affect your safety.

If you have a traditional land line telephone number which is not marked as “unpublished” you are automatically enrolled in G.E.A.N.I., and will receive notifications affecting your area.

Cellular and VoIP telephones are not automatically added to the system database. If you would like receive notifications on your cellular or VoIP device to, you must self register on the G.E.A.N.I. system.

Participation is voluntary and your number will not be shared for any other purpose.

Although this is a free service, you may be charged a standard fee from your cellular phone service provider if you exceed your current data plan for receiving voice calls or text messages. The agencies involved in G.E.A.N.I. are not responsible for any charges that may be incurred as a result of receiving these alerts.

Voice notifications will be sent to your designated phone from telephone numbers (336) 641 – 8100 and we recommend adding this number to your phone’s contact list.

If you wish not to receive notifications, you can opt out of the system by sending an e-mail

Will I receive Weather Watches and Warnings through GEANI?

  • Yes, you may select various weather watches and warnings to be notified about through GEANI. 

How do you have my number? I’ve registered with the Do Not Call List. 

  • G.E.A.N.I. includes published landline phone numbers and the numbers of people who have self-registered for the service.

I don’t have a landline; may I register a mobile phone? 

  • Yes, you may register a mobile number with the G.E.A.N.I. In order to assure you only receive message relevant to your residence, we require you associate that number with a street address.

What if I’m not home, will there be a message waiting for me? 

  • The system will leave a message on your answering machine or a voicemail if you are not able to pick up the call.

My neighbors and I received the call, but my friend across town didn’t, why? 

  • Often times the contents of a G.E.A.N.I. call only concern residents of a particular neighborhood or section of town. The call area selected is a determination made by your local officials based upon the urgency and significance of the call.

For general questions about G.E.A.N.I. you can contact Guilford County Emergency Management at 336-641-2278.

For technical questions about G.E.A.N.I. you can contact